We are working hard to create a better environment by producing environmentally friendly and safe products.

Business Sector

Business Sector

About our Business

  • 1. Environmentally friendly materials using seaweed

    We use extracts and by-products of seaweed to produce eco-friendly and safe products.

  • 2. High competitiveness of raw material

    It boasts outstanding competitiveness and excellent applicability by lowering raw material prices, disassembly, manufacturing processes, and energy consumption.

  • 3. Manufactured plastic bag by putting seaweed extract

    We are preparing a certification of eco-friendly biodegradation with a standard plastic garbage bag, which is essential for discharging waste.

  • 4. Fruit packing material with excellent buffer effect

    Unlike an existing material that uses two or three things together, our products can be used individually because of their outstanding buffer effect.

  • 5. Egg box
    can be used safely

    Our seaweed tray is cheaper than an existing one and the tray makes the product transported more safely with buffer effects.

  • 6. Cheap price
    of a coffee carrier

    Companies give it as a service so we offer this with similar performance, but the price is much cheaper.

  • 7. Direction of product and material research

    We will continue to study our products and materials to introduce more strong and high-quality products made with seaweeds.

  • 8. Carbon Credits

    We are working hard to expand our carbon credits business by utilizing seaweed byproducts and extracts.

  • 9. Future business

    We will add innovation to nature and try to secure carbon credits through seaweed farming, develop a sextic industry and develop and applicate the new materials.